GTA Online How to Make Money Easy in Biker Business Trap Door Update

With the newest GTA Online Trap Door update, players are able to make double money on Biker Business sell missions. This event lasts for a limited time, until May 21st, during which players can also earn double GTA$ on Smuggler’s Run Sell missions. This is a great news for everyone owning this type of a business. So, here’s how to make money easy in Biker Business GTA Online Trap Door Update.

GTA Online DOuble Money on Biker Business More With Trap Door Update
GTA Online Double Money on Biker Business & More With Trap Door Update

How to Make Double Money in Biker Business in GTA Online Trap Door Update

In the latest Trap Door for GTA V Online Biker Business update, for a limited time, you can earn double money through the sell missions. Keeping in mind that, if you have this business upgraded, the amount of money you can earn can increase almost to almost half of the price, as you can see from the official page.

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In addition to Double Cash and RP in Trap Door, hustlers on the Open Road dark network and air-freight entrepreneurs in the Free Trade Shipping Co. stand to earn Double GTA$ and RP on Biker Business Sell Missions and Double GTA$ on Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions all week long.

If you own this business, you are pretty much familiar with the ways of earning money through it. For others, there is a short way to do this. First, you need to own a clubhouse; starting with the cheapest one at the start is usually considered a smart move. Now, we have to pick up the business we want to invest into. There are five of them: forgeries, weed, counterfeit cash, methamphetamine, and cocaine. They are all different in terms of the amount of money you can invest into them, earn from them, and the time needed to make this all happen.

If you just want to make the most of it, and you have decent amount to start with for the necessary upgrades, you want to invest into cocaine and methamphetamine production. Counterfeit cash, weed and document forgeries are the worst in this case, but they also require the least money to start.

Once the business is bought, you have to complete the setup mission, and start restocking your supplies. The easiest way is to just buy them, and not steal. Stealing requires you to complete an additional mission, and this takes more time, during which you can do other stuff.

Lastly, we get to the part we can sell our stock. The principle is, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. If you choose to sell it in the session with more players, and further away from your business, you’ll get the maximum amount of money, but the chances to lose are also higher. The stakes of losing it all don’t stop here. They are present in the production line as well, as you are vulnerable to raids, where you can lose not only the merchandise, but also the business, depending on who is raiding you. The risks can be lowered with all the business upgrades, more specifically, the security. No one said it is going to be easy.

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