Clash Royale Secret Badge, How to Get Easter Egg Badge

In our Clash Royale Secret Badge, How to Get Easter Egg Badge guide, we’ll show you how to get this hidden achievement badge. Funnily enough, it’s actually really easy to get, once you know what to do. In fact, you don’t need to do much of anything. With that said, here’s how it all works.

clash royale secret badge how to get easter egg badge
Clash Royale Secret Badge, How to Get Easter Egg Badge

How to Get Secret Badge in Clash Royale

To get the secret Easter egg badge in Clash Royale, all you have to do is watch the credits. Yes, that really is all there is to it. First off, open the game and find the icon with three horizontal lines in the top right corner. It’s right below the Gem counter. Tap that icon to bring up a drop-down menu of sorts. In this menu, select “Settings.” Lastly, find the “Credits” button in the bottom right of the Settings menu. Now, just kick back and relax while the credits roll. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long, only about a minute or so. Sure, it might seem like the longest minute ever, but you’ll live. When the credits are done, the badge will pop up.

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And there you have it, that’s how you get the Clash Royale secret badge, or Easter egg badge. In fact, as you can see in the screenshot above, it is a literal Easter egg. Considering that you never actually have to see the credits of Clash Royale, it’s nice that the devs hid a little badge for people that actually decided to sit and read their names. Once you unlock it, you can place the badge on your banner and show off the fact that you sat through the credits. Not exactly the most impressive of achievements, I’ll grant you, but at least not many people have the badge, so they’ll at least wonder how you got it.

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