Destiny 2 Black Screen on Launch after The Witch Queen Update

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is now live on all platforms. Nonetheless, as it usually goes with big online updates and releases, there are some issues plaguing the expansion at launch. Currently, the biggest reported problem is the Black Screen issue when players try to launch the game. Here’s why is this happening and if it can be fixed.

Destiny 2 Black Screen on Launch after The Witch Queen Update
The Destiny 2 Black Screen on launch issue started after Update

Destiny 2 Black Screen on Launch Fix

Instead of enjoying The Witch Queen expansion, you are welcomed with the Black Screen of death when launching Destiny 2. According to reports from players, the issue started appearing after they’ve downloaded Update Bungie Forum user TheKevinater states that he is able to hear in-game sounds and clan members when he launches Destiny 2, but he immediately receives a black screen shortly after the loading screen.

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Apparently, keyboard inputs are not registered by the game as well, so the issue is not only of visual nature. Bungie developers have acknowledged the issue, and are currently working on identifying the problem. This means that, if you have the Destiny 2 Black Screen on Launch problem after The Witch Queen update, there’s not much you can currently do. Nonetheless, you can perform some basic check-ups:

  • Make sure that your GPU drives are updated
  • Verify integrity of game files on Steam
  • Try to do a fresh installation of Destiny 2
  • Restart your PC
  • Check your Internet connection
  • Make sure that other apps are not interfering with Destiny 2

Most likely the issue will persist after these steps because the problem needs to be solved by the developers. It seems that the common thing with all these reports of black screens is that all these players are using Windows 7. If you are having a black screen on Windows 7, that’s most likely the core of the problem.

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  1. T

    This is just like how Bungie never even _tried_ to test Season of the Lost with Windows 7, and paying customers were totally unable to launch the game for over 3 entire weeks because of a missing DLL error.

    Don’t advertise the game for a platform if you’re not going to support it, Bungie.

  2. F

    I have this happen on Windows 10 so it’s not just Windows 7. also quick work around is hitting the windows key during the black screen cause it to load.

  3. J

    Having the same issue since WQ release. Windows 7 OS worked fine before update now I can get it to load my character and name but nothing else. If I spam click around it’s like the buttons are there but o can’t see them and all the text is missing or glitching around the screen. Hopefully they get a fix I reinstalled the game 3 times thinking it was my end.

  4. J
    Josh Looney

    i am having the same issue with no luck of trying these steps. Nothing seems to be working which is quite sad. i hope they get their shit together bc this is just sad.

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